Your company is the protagonist of the European market

In an increasingly globalized food market, it is important for companies operating at every level to be competitive and prepared to face international challenges. Being present in Europe today means expanding its reach to a multitude of potential new customers and business partners.

Having international goals means having the right requirements to develop the idea of long-term growth, be more competitive and have a winning strategy to meet growing demand for products.

SLM Business Consulting helps the customer to develop a European vision of the company by identifying the right network in which production and revenues can grow in a transnational context.

We work in the following countries:

The European Network:
a cosmopolitan vision

SLM Business Consultancy S.R.L. can offer companies that want to look at the specific European market and tailor-made services. Our high expertise in the management of purchasing, logistics and supply chains makes it possible for the customer to rely on a single, interconnected profile with extensive knowledge of the main European markets.

Our ability to create strong business relationships within a wide-ranging European Network derives from long-term collaboration with active partners and consultants in the major states of the Union.

We have developed a cosmopolitan and collaborative business vision: our strength is to be able to rely on a virtual network of specialists who provide companies with the expertise and international experience they need to grow and export their products and services.

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