Temporary Buyer

The role of the Temporary Buyer:

  • Identify procurement processes that are consistent with purchasing policies
  • Coordinate procurement processes within the company
  • Search and handle suppliers with respect to delivery targets / standards
  • Manage trades by optimizing buying times, managing deals with suppliers
  • Assess procurement process and purchase process
  • Creating, evaluating offers and choosing the best supplier
    • launching and evaluating offers
    • price analysis
    • negotiation
    • contractual
  • Relationships with internal customers and suppliers
  • Analysis of best stock management and order by supplier and article
  • KPIs and Suppliers Rating and Implementation of Corrective Actions

Temporary Supply Chain Manager

The role of Temporary Supply Chain Manager:

  • Examine or update supply chain practices in accordance with new environmental or regulatory policies, standards, regulations or laws.
  • Create supply chain models to facilitate discussions with the customer
  • Develop product cost and standard cost forecasts and create a specific budget
  • Evaluate the necessary material handling equipment and labor levels to load, download, move or store materials
  • Assess the supplier's production capacity through visits and monitor supplier performance to assess the ability to meet quality and delivery requirements
  • Monitor forecasts and quotas to identify changes or to determine their impact on supply chain activities.
  • Implement new or improved supply chain processes.
  • Handles trading, prices, and conditions with suppliers, distributors, or logistics companies
  • Analyze inventories to determine how to increase inventory rotation, reduce waste, or optimize customer service.
  • Participate in coordinating product modifications, product line extensions, or launching new products to ensure regular and timely transitions in material or production flow.
  • Develop procedures for coordinating supply chain management with other functional areas such as sales, marketing, finance, production, or quality assurance.
  • Design or implement supply chains that support business strategies adapted to changing market conditions, new business opportunities, or cost reduction strategies.

Temporary Logistics Manager

The role of Temporary Logistics Manager:

  • Management of technical details concerning national and international transport, customs regulations, knowledge of the supply chain, the needs of managing this type of products.
  • Efficiently evaluates transport, services and inventory costs and warehouse product rotation. Select transport paths to optimize your economy by combining shipments or consolidating storage and distribution.
  • Revise or create specific logistic contracts for the required solutions and create a cost budget
  • Find effective solutions to issues that may arise in product delivery from the vendor to the point of sale, including extra-fast shipping to buffer possible stocks breaks, and organizes meetings and collaborations between the various parties to find common solutions.
  • Builds relationships with logistics brokers and works closely with the various carriers to ensure the best quality services to protect the goods and ensure the best quality of the product delivered at the point of sale.
  • Organize logistical procedures in the Client Company in detail, manage procedures and documents, thus ensuring the availability of information and standardizing the various procedures

Temporary Project Manager

The role of the Temporary Project Manager:

  • Planning and management of national and international projects in procurement, supply chain management and logistics for the creation of solutions in Franchising or Equity
  • Managing outsourcing projects with specialized logistic partners
  • Evaluating and creating one-stop-shopping solutions throughout the supply chain
  • Presentation of the project to the customer's management and continuous updating with the various stages of project implementation (milestones)

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